Charitable PR & Podcasts


Charitable PR & Podcasts, a not-for-private-profit social enterprise that provides PR, communications and podcast creation services to charities, social enterprises and responsible corporate entities, has launched. The organisation was set up in late 2020 by two women with the aim of supporting charities in delivering their good message during this difficult time. Charitable PR & Podcasts is the first social enterprise in the UK to offer both PR and in-house podcast creation services to its clients. As a not-for-private-profit social enterprise, Charitable PR & Podcasts proudly gives back to civil society, providing high quality services to good organisations at a competitive fee.

The organisation was co-founded by Drusilla Bryan, a PR industry expert and Melissa Tilling, the CEO of the innovative social enterprise travel agency Charitable Travel which donates every penny of its profit back into the third sector. After working together for many years, Drusilla and Melissa founded Charitable PR & Podcasts on this idea of giving back to civil society. Their aim in this new venture is to help bridge the funding gap and find innovative communication channels for charities to be heard. To deliver their unique blend of services, Zoe Anderson, an experienced podcast producer and creator was brought in to lead the social enterprise.

Charitable PR & Podcasts has already undertaken projects with some amazing partners. In late 2020, the organisation formed a partnership with Action for M.E., an amazing charity that supports people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome in the UK. In 2020, a coalition of M.E. charities launched a training module in Scotland to help train GPs about the little understood chronic condition. The podcast episode provided extra information alongside the module and featured Dr Nina Muirhead- the creator of the training module and a M.E. patient herself, who spearheaded the conversation with three other participants.

Ruth Richardson, the deputy CEO for Action for M.E has this to say about the project:

We believe that, by utilising the podcast medium, we will spread the training module further, and will continue to break the stigma surrounding M.E. The podcast format is completely new to us, and Charitable PR & Podcasts have held our hands through the creation process. I would recommend them highly to any third sector organisation looking to take the leap with this unique type of audio content.

Likewise, Melissa Tilling, the co-founder of Charitable PR & Podcasts had this to say:

There has never been a greater need for the third sector to communicate effectively to support overcoming the COVID-19 funding gap. Whether it’s with supporters, donors or the wider public, we want to help good organisations get their message heard. Our podcast creation specialism offers charities and social enterprises an innovative way to expand their outreach to new audiences.


Note to editors: Drusilla Bryan founded Gosh PR in 2005 and still currently acts as it’s Managing Director. Gosh PR is a travel and lifestyle PR agency. She launched Charitable PR & Podcasts in December 2020 with Melissa Tilling.

For more information, to and to enquire about Charitable PR & Podcasts services please contact Zoe Anderson, Charity Lead and Podcast Creator. T. 020 3376 2707