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For the second year running, our charity lead and podcast creator Zoe has stepped back into her role as a judge on The British Podcast Awards powered by Amazon Music. The prestigious ceremony will take place in summer 2021 and will celebrate the brightest and best podcast talent that the UK has to offer. This year’s awards include two new categories: Best Documentary Podcast and Best Lockdown Podcast.

Zoe had this to say about the British Podcast Awards 2021:

“This year’s awards are going to be HUGE. The boom in both podcast listeners and makers in 2020 has really driven the creation of some innovative and brilliant content. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this year’s entries and would encourage anyone who qualifies to throw their hat into the ring next year. As judges, we’re always looking for different voices, perspectives and stories.”

To celebrate this year’s British Podcast Awards, Zoe has put together a list of her five favourite podcasts that she’s listened to in the last twelve months. This list includes selection from both the UK and beyond.

1. Third Sector Podcast

I listen to the Third Sector Podcast every Friday without fail. Rebecca and Emily’s deep dives into timely third sector topics are so invaluable to anyone who works within charity. The ‘Covid Care Package’, that leans into a piece of good news at the end of each episode also really make me smile.

2. Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

This one was a recent discovery of mine, but it’s quickly become one of my favourites. Host Duff the Psych is, you guessed it, a practicing psychotherapist, who answers listener’s questions. The refreshing thing about Duff is how he answers queries “WITHOUT the psychobabble.” During a period that has been hard on everyone, Duff offers empathy and practical advice to those struggling in a clear and concise way.

3. The Slow Newscast and The Sense Maker

A duo of podcasts that I listen to religiously, The Slow Newscast and The Sense Maker are audio pieces from Tortoise Media, who forgo headline grabbing content in favour of an in-depth ‘slow’ approach to the news. Their weekly podcast, The Slow Newscast, deep dives into a timely topic that really matters in the world. Recent episodes have included the climbing disaster on K2, an exploration of who was really behind the inflation of Gamestop shares, and the harrowing story of the man who spent 306 days in hospital with covid-19, Geoffrey Woolf. The Sense Maker is the Slow Newscast’s little sister- appearing on your feed every day with a short, sharp burst of news.

4. A Gay and a NonGay

James Barr and Dan Hudson are two of my favourite podcast personalities. These two unlikely friends talk about everything LGBTQ+ and manage to strike the balance of light-hearted banter, but also pay serious issues and topics the lip service they deserve. One of my favourite aspects of this podcast is how Dan embraces his role as an ally; continuously learning and changing his outlook as the series goes on.

5. Still Processing

I’ve loved Still Processing for a good number of years and adore Wesley and Jenna’s fresh take on culture. Our hosts in this instance are New York Times culture writers, so you know you’re in good hands. Still Processing offers up an alternative look at popular culture, from an invaluable intersectional lens. Content like this is so important and would recommend Still Processing as part of anyone’s podcast ‘reading’ list.

The date of the British Podcast Awards 2021 ceremony has not been confirmed yet- but keep an eye on @britpodawards and on their website for more information.