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By Zoe Anderson, Charity Lead and Podcast Creator, Charitable PR & Podcasts

We’re currently in a golden age of podcasting. The pandemic, which threatened to kill off the ‘listener-commuter’ demographic actually gave podcast fans more time to listen to their favourite shows. This translated into a 13% increase in total podcast listening in the UK. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts have put real investment into helping creators make quality work that actually gets them paid. There really has never been a better time for charities to utilise podcasts as part of their overall communications plan.

Of course, I don’t need to tell Charity Today readers how important December is in terms of fundraising. The season of goodwill consistently inspires larger amounts of giving, and many organisations find that Q4 is the busiest time of fundraising for them. Communicating with potential donors in the lead up to and during this time is therefore incredibly important. At Charitable PR & Podcasts, we think you should consider adding a podcast into your Christmas communications plan, and I’ve put together four reasons to convince you why.

Podcasts are booming

I touched on this before, but it’s worth saying again just how many people actively listen to podcasts. According to Statistica, 24% of the UK population listen to podcasts every week. That’s no small number, and one that your organisation could tap into to reach new audiences and spread your good message further. Also, one of the many brilliant things about podcasts is how scalable they are. Podcasts can benefit from having both large, broad audiences and small, niche ones. This means that, no matter what your subject matter is, you can find listeners who are really engaged.

You can use podcasts to help you access more funding

That’s right, you can use a podcast to help enhance your grant applications and increase your income. Podcasts can help show that you’re willing to enhance your campaigns and communications, and this can really set your organisation apart in your grant application. Podcasting is also a fantastic area to gain more funding via sponsorship or through a monetization platform such as Patreon. In fact, Patreon even has a category for not for profits. What’s not to love?

Podcasts allow you to tell compelling stories in a fresh way

Charities are the masters of telling authentic, compelling stories. In the same way, podcasts are a fantastic way of letting people tell their own stories in their own words. Seems like a match made in heaven to me. Because you’re going to be telling stories about the issues that your organisation helps solve, you may find that your patrons and well-known supporters are also willing to come on board and lend their voice to your podcast.

Podcast can allow you to become more accessible

Podcasts don’t have to just contain audio. So many remote recording software options offer users the chance to also create video, as well as closed captions. Likewise, those accessing audio versions of podcasts have the option of slowing down and speeding up audio, helping them listen at their own pace.

If your organisation is interested in getting into podcasting this Christmas, Charitable PR & Podcasts is here to help. We’re a social enterprise that works with charities to help them innovate their communications.

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