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With March in our rear view, you might be wondering how your organisation can continue to support and elevate the voices of women beyond March. Podcasting is a great way to tell stories and bring in individuals that might not be able to contribute usually. For many women, being able to participate may require a little flexibility, or extra encouragement to foster growing talent. A little extra effort can go a long way. Here are just a few of the ways that you can elevate women’s voices through podcasting:

Be flexible as possible with your recording and planning schedule

We know that women are more likely to have caring responsibilities than men. Because of this, they may not have schedules that conform to the typical 9-5. This might impact their ability to be involved in recording or planning a podcast. A solution to this is to provide ample time around office hours to include them in a remote recording session and to be aware that they may need to re-schedule plans depending on their personal circumstances. Making time for longer sessions to avoid the stress of noise interruptions can also create a better and more authentic experience for hosts and guests.

If possible, provide tech for women who can’t afford it/need it

In our incredibly connected world, digital exclusion, or the inability to access the internet, data, or hardware, is a problem for many people in the UK. In a study conducted by Cambridge University in 2021 found that one participant had to either “…pay the wi-fi or feed the children (that) month”.  If your organisation can provide access to tech, whether that’s bringing in hosts and participants to record in person with your tech, or sending them a microphone, recorder, or other hardware to use, there are lots of ways to get women involved who might not have access to tech. We understand this problem affects so much more than podcasting, and organisations might want to sign-post their service users or podcast participants to organisations that can provide tech longer term. You can find more information on digital exclusion and how to tackle it here.

Promote and nurture women’s interest in participating

In 2020, entertainment analysis site TheWrap conducted a study of 109 charting podcasts in the US over a 31-day period across four podcast networks, and found that only 23 were hosted by women. Podcast audiences are consistently evenly split between male and female listeners, which means that women are underrepresented as hosts. If you have a patron, staff member or volunteer that is interested in taking on the role then. This might involve working with new hosts to build confidence or allowing women to have more say in the planning and discussion of all the episodes that you produce.

Charitable PR & Podcasts a not-for-private profit social enterprise that is run and owned completely by women. If you’d be interested in learning about our podcast creation services or anything else that we do have a look at some of our case studies here.