Charitable PR & Podcasts


“Bringing social enterprise values to PR”

Charitable PR & Podcasts is a new registered social enterprise that offers public relations, content (including podcast creation) and social media services to charities, social enterprises and those looking to discharge corporate responsibility.

Our organisation was founded by the leaders of Charitable Travel and Gosh PR. Charitable Travel is a social enterprise travel agency that donates its surplus profit back into the third sector. Gosh PR is a UK leader in PR, content and is a social media specialist. 

 Our aim is to partner with your organisation and provide you with an outstanding, quality service. Whether we’re assisting you in a hard-hitting PR and communications campaign or helping you branch out with bespoke content services, we want to partner for good.

We offer excellent service with honesty and integrity- we are committed to serving the third sector and understand it’s needs.


This year has challenged every part of society in ways we couldn’t have imagined. The third sector is no exception. 

We know how much difference a great PR campaign or a well-crafted piece of content can make when it comes to followers, supporters and donors. We want to help your organisation increase it’s reach during this difficult time and beyond. We are committed to being agile, flexible and responsive; supporting the sector to keep doing great work.

 As a Community Interest Company, the legal form of a social enterprise, we want to do good work for good organisations, and we are committed to re-invest any profits back into the sector that we serve.

We want to help you broadcast your message- we know the excellent work you do and want to make your voice heard by the public and your supporters. As a Community Interest Company, we are uniquely placed. We understand the third sector and want to empower it to continue its good work.


Charitable PR & Podcasts is dedicated to encouraging a supportive and inclusive culture amongst the whole workforce and through its employment practices. It is within our best interest to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in the workplace. We also strive to partner with a diverse range of clients who represent a wide range of views.