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“It was a real pleasure to work with Charitable PR & Podcasts on this project. Podcasts are a brand-new medium to us, and they held our hands through every step of the process.”

Ruth Richardson, Operations Manager and Deputy CEO at Action For M.E.

The Story

Action For M.E. supports people with M.E. across the UK. This little understood and often misdiagnosed chronic neurological condition effects an estimated 250,000 people in the UK and 17 million world-wide. People with M.E. suffer from debilitating pain and fatigue and are often unable to recover after expending small amounts of energy.

In 2020 the charity won funding for a project in Scotland to share Dr Nina Muirhead’s trailblazing M.E. training module for GPs. The module was created with the aim of helping GPs better understand patients and their needs. Action For M.E. asked us to create a podcast episode to accompany the module as a way for GPs to access more information about the training.

The Approach

We began by scheduling initial meetings to discuss how the podcast should be framed. In our conversations, it became really clear that, even though the episode was aimed at GP’s, people with M.E. should remain at the heart of the discussion. To achieve this, we explored what could be done to include a person with M.E. and what extra steps could be taken in the recording process to make it as easy as possible for them to be included. We factored in more time to have breaks and flexibility in terms of recording date. This would really help our guests feel comfortable and able to easily participate in the recording session.

After deciding on the participants and the host, we worked out a recording date and set up a remote recording session. In order to be fully inclusive, we arranged a longer, more flexible session; this allowed for extra time for breaks if they were needed.  The recording was a success- Dr Muirhead used her time to really dig deep into the training module.

From there our team took the raw audio away, editing, mixing and mastering the content to create a thirty-minute podcast episode. It was a real pleasure to work alongside Action For M.E.; they are a fantastic organisation that really makes a difference in lives of people with the condition.

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*CFS stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome