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“Being able to tackle difficult ideas of consent and setting boundaries through podcasting has been so useful to us as an organisation and we’d like to thank Charitable PR & Podcasts for their support.”

Jhiselle Feanny, Chief Executive Director at Believe In Bee


The Story

Believe in Bee is a Birmingham based organisation that helps young people with 1-2-1 support around issues such as mental health, sexual and criminal exploitation, offending behaviour, housing and homelessness, education, employment, relationships, domestic violence, and post trauma. The charity is named in honour of the late Bianca Martina Thomas who sadly lost her life due to domestic violence in 2018. According to the ONS there “was generally an increase in demand for domestic abuse victim support services (In 2020), including a 65% increase in calls and contacts logged by the National Domestic Abuse Helpline between April and June 2020, compared with the first three months of the year.” There are plenty of statistics like this from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that highlights the need for tailored, intimate support for children, young people and adults aged 10-27 years dealing with difficult issues related to Domestic Abuse. 

The Approach

When approaching the Believe in Bee Podcast, the intended audience would be same as their service users; individuals seeking more information and advice on the issues that they regularly face. To do this, it was decided that the best way to speak to this group was through a light-hearted discussion podcast that would also tackle the key issues of consent and experiences of consent as a teenager and reflect on how such issues occur today. To do this and uphold safeguarding procedures, the guests were all over the age of 18, but would reminisce about the milestones they had gone through as teens, include their first kiss. 

To create an accessible environment for recording, we arranged an evening session. Many of the participants had caring or parenting responsibilities that required flexibly in recording time. The host was Jhiselle Feanny the founder and director of Believe in Bee, who brought out the humour and fun out of her guests. Jhiselle is also an expert in exploitation and adolescence, which meant that she had the knowledge and expertise to funnel the conversation back into themes of consent. To protect the identities of the participants, each of the guests selected a pseudonym that they would be referred to as.  

After the addition of music during the editing process, the podcast episode was returned to Believe in Bee for later release.  

The Teenage Chronicles Podcast will available to listen to soon.