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We were always interested in trying out podcasting to talk about the issues we tackle at our organisation. Having the help of Charitable PR & Podcasts has been so important to us, their expertise and advice was so incredibly helpful.

Lady Suzie Hayworth, Development Director


The Charlie Watkins Foundation raises funds to support projects that deliver services to young people facing mental health difficulties. The Foundation is named after the late Charlie Watkins who took his own life in 2017 at the age of 22.


During our initial discussions it was decided that the podcast should give an overview of how the pandemic has affected the mental health of children and young people. To do this, it made sense to bring in an expert from the mental health field who could talk with authority about the topic. The expert guest would be interviewed by Harry Watkins, the brother of Charlie and co-founder of the Foundation. Through his charitable work, Harry had extensive experience of speaking to the media and had a good, solid foundation of knowledge about the topic to help drive the conversation.

When the script was being created, care was made to cover the topic of young people’s mental health sensitively but in a way that would be informative. We worked closely with Dr Zoe Burgess to make sure the line of questioning reflected this.

The recording went smoothly, with Harry facilitating the conversation. Zoe was a fantastic guest, and put across how the pandemic had negatively impacted the mental health on young people and students in particular in a strong and sensitive way. At the beginning of the podcast, it was decided that Harry should spend a little time summing up the Charlie Watkin’s Foundation’s project partners and what they do. Because these organisations were referenced later in the dialogue, it made sense to introduce them at the beginning for clarity. This addition was made in post-production, along with the addition of music at the beginning and end of the podcast.

The episode was then delivered back to the client, and is available across podcast platforms.

You can find out more about the Charlie Watkins’ Foundation here and read more of our case studies here.