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“We’d been thinking about creating a podcast for Hopscotch Women’s Centre for a while but didn’t really have any idea where to start. Charitable PR & Podcasts supported us from the start to the end of the process, and we’ve been so grateful for their help. We really enjoyed the process and are really looking forward to integrating podcasting into our organisation in the long-term.”

Benaifer Bhandari, Chief Executive at Hopscotch 


The Story

Hopscotch Women’s Centre supports Minoritized Women and Girls, based in Camden and working pan-London. Their wide-ranging services cover everything from employment support to crisis interventions.

The Approach

In 2020, Hopscotch, like many organisations, faced huge challenges in how to pivot their service to fit in with COVID-19 guidelines. In-person services had to be significantly paired back, and in some cases had to be taken entirely online. When approaching this episode, we decided to take a more inward approach; reflecting on how Hopscotch had managed to overcome the challenges it faced in the height of the pandemic. An exploration of how an organisation like Hopscotch can successfully innovate and change when faced with a crisis is a vital part of the conversation in the third sector and would target both those interested or involved in Hopscotch, but also those within the charity sector.

In our initial conversations, we discussed that the best way to dive into how Hopscotch has adapted to COVID-19’s challenges was through the voices of its staff, who work on the front-line delivering its vital services. In order to include a wide range of voices, we worked on an episode structure that would include recordings of staff answering two questions:

“What’s the best example of COVID-19 resilience from Hopscotch?”

“What have we learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic here at Hopscotch?”

By answering these questions, staff could give a broad picture of how Hopscotch has managed to carry on delivering its services during the pandemic. The answers to these questions would then be taken away and discussed by Benaifer Bhandari, the CEO of Hopscotch and COVID-19 Crisis Responder, Frank Hayman during the recording session.

Staff were selected and invited to pre-record themselves answering the questions using their smart phone or computer. These were then added to into the episode in post-production, giving the listener context to the discussion.

The session was successful, and both Frank and Benaifer teased out some interesting discussion points around how the Hopscotch staff had their answers.

The episode was then edited, mixed, mastered and delivered back to Hopscotch. After a small tweak, the episode was delivered back to Hopscotch for uploading to their hosting platform.

Listen to The Hopscotch Podcast below and learn more about Hopscotch here.