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“The podcast medium is something that I’m really keen to utilise as I launch my new business. I’m very active on TikTok and Instagram, and launching a podcast seemed like a perfect way to engage with my community and give them more in- depth information”

Jenny Tomei, Founder of JenUp

The Story

In early 2021 Charitable PR & Podcasts began working on a podcast creation project with qualified nutritional therapist, personal trainer and eating disorder coach Jenny Tomei. This project included us planning, producing and delivering four high-quality podcast episodes for launch alongside Jenny’s new socially conscious business, JenUp. In 2020, Jenny decided to create a platform which would give advice and support people with eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. JenUp, targets young people aged 16-25 who are seeking guidance and resources around these issues.

The Approach

Jenny has an amazing presence on Tik Tok and Instagram. She regularly engages with her community, answering questions about their concerns when it comes to diet, health and eating patterns. When approaching this project, it seemed to make sense that Jenny’s podcast should engage with the sort of questions that she was regularly receiving from her followers as a way of further engaging with the people she was trying to help. During our initial discussions, we decided that the episode length should also reflect the format of TikTok and Instagram- they should be short, sharp and easily digestible for a community that is used to fast moving content.

We worked with Jenny to really tease out the questions she was being asked, and to group them into themes. These themes would go on to inform the content of each episode. Once a selection of episode topics was agreed, we discussed the inclusion of guests to help Jenny discuss the kinds of topics and questions she was drilling into. We decided that she would take the lead on her first few episodes, with scope to bring in guests for future recordings.

Our team scheduled in time to record the first four episodes of her podcast, using an easy-to-use microphone and mixer set up. The sessions were a success, achieving high quality audio and great content.

After the editing, mixing and mastering process the four opening episodes were completed. Jenny was happy with the content and quality of each of the episodes. She felt that they communicated well with her target audience and offered a new method of engaging with those she was trying to help.

The JenUp Podcast will be available soon.

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