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“We were really happy to have Charitable PR & Podcasts on board to help us gain coverage of one of our biggest annual campaigns. They really helped us gain a huge amount of fantastic support in online, broadcast and print.” 

Marianne Quinn, Senior PR & Communications Officer, Jo Cox Foundation


Jo Cox Foundation was founded in 2016, by the family and friends of the late Jo Cox MP. Before her death, Jo was the Labour Party MP for Batley and Spen, just outside of Leeds. During her career, she championed the idea of strong communities coming together to tackle loneliness around the UK. The Foundation carries on that work, bringing people together with their two flagship events, The Great Get Together in the summer and The Great Winter Get Together.

The issues of coming together and loneliness are close to our hearts at Charitable PR & Podcasts, we were delighted to be brought on board support the Jo Cox Foundation communications team to help raise awareness and engagement with the 2022 Great Winter Get Together. We set out to do this by developing and implementing a media relations programme with the key objective of generating coverage in online and broadcast media.


In the weeks leading up to the campaign, The Foundation conducted research encompassing regional polling data of the public’s experience of loneliness, including breakdowns around age, gender, and ethnicity. Using this insight and working closely with the communications manager, we developed a strategy to tell the story of loneliness from two perspectives, splitting these into two news announcements. Both announcements had the objective of encouraging people to join the Get Winter Get Together either virtually, physically, or to simply start conversations within their own communities.

The first release was designed to help tackle the stigma of loneliness, highlighting the importance of not being afraid to admit that you’re struggling and talk to others. We did this by revealing the regional differences in attitudes towards feeling lonely across the UK.

For example, that 77% of Londoners reported feeling lonely in the month prior to the survey, making it the loneliest region in the UK. Or that Scotland was the least lonely region of the UK, with 58% of Scot’s reporting loneliness. With this kind of data, we formulated a story which engaged interest from both national and regional press.

This was followed up a few weeks later with a second release, supporting story which delved into more detail about how loneliness was perceived by different ages groups. Revealing that, surprisingly, it was that young people that admitted to being the loneliest group, contrary to the perception that loneliness is associated with the elderly.

Our media outreach programme targeted news and lifestyle media, engaging journalists with interests in local community cohesion and human-interest stories, as well as those who had covered the issue of loneliness previously.


 During the month-long campaign we generated 106 pieces of coverage, of which 53 pieces were featured on broadcast channels, including TV and radio interviews with The Foundation’s spokesperson. Overall, this coverage had a reach of over 42.6 million impressions. The campaign itself saw over 1.47 million people get involved, by meeting up in person or virtually. 95% of those people said that being involved with the Great Winter Get Together made them feel happier.

The campaign garnered the support from a wide variety of media including Daily Express online and print, Times Radio,  BBC Look North TV, ITV Calendar, HELLO Online, The Daily Mirror, BBC Radio Leeds and The Yorkshire Post online and print.

You can find out more about the Jo Cox Foundation at their website and on their Twitter and Instagram.

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