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“Coming out of the pandemic, we really wanted to get more people involved in the volunteering side of our work. We’re very grateful to Charitable PR & Podcasts for their help in creating a resource for us to use in recruiting more volunteers.”

Anna Brian, CEO at Mondo Foundation


Mondo works with community-led organisations, pioneering quality education, gender equality and livelihoods programmes in remote parts of the world.


In creating the podcast, Mondo Foundation really wanted to highlight the work of past volunteers who had their lives changed by the experiences of working with local communities around the world. To do this, we decided to split the podcast into two halves; the first half would be an interview with Anthony Lunch, the founder of the charity and keen advocate for the Foundation. The second half featured two volunteers, who had taught in schools in India and Nepal respectively.

We scheduled in time with both groups, making sure that they were sent the topics of conversation ahead of time. Susanna Mann, an ex-volunteer stepped in to be the host of the podcast.  The recording sessions were a success, and the podcast was taken away to be edited and mixed. The Foundation also selected music for the beginning and end sections.

You can listen to Mondo Foundation’s Podcast here.

To find out more about Mondo Foundation, visit their website here.