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Advocating for stroke survivors is always my focus and being able to explore topics that the public might not be aware of through a new format was brilliant. Thank you so much to Charitable PR & Podcasts for this amazing opportunity.”

Nick Clarke, CEO and Founder of Stroke Information 

The Story

Stroke Information helps those impacted by strokes by providing information, guidance, support, and hope for both survivors and their families. The organisation was founded by Nick Clarke, an advocate that suffered a stroke in 2021 and, during his recovery, saw an opportunity to provide a more personal approach to the support stoke suffers receive.  Nick takes a very central role in Stroke Information, which sign points sufferers and their families toward the support and care that they need.

The Approach

In our initial discussions with Stroke Information, it made sense that the podcast would highlight the elements of stroke survivor’s lives that most of the public don’t aren’t aware of. The first section of the podcast would explore the idea of children and young people having strokes. Many people assume that only older people have strokes, and Nick was keen to highlight the diversity of people that might suffer from a stroke in their lifetime. The second section of the episode would be the struggle that many survivors have in advocating for their own medical care.

Guests would include Kimberly O’Brien, whose 5-year-old son Sebastian has suffered from 3 strokes and Riona Kelly, who advocates for stroke survivors and chronicles her own recovery journey via TikTok. Nick has played such a central role in the development of his charity and had the charm and humour to facilitate the conversation as the host.

We worked with Nick to develop the conversation topics that would be covered in the podcast including how to introduce and close the episode. The recording session itself took place remotely and featured some fantastic stories that really challenged the perception of who people with strokes are supposed to be. Nick was a fantastic leader and facilitator, bringing in his own stories of recovery and providing an open ear to his guests.

Listen to the first episode of the Stroke Information Podcast: SteadyEdUcate below and learn more about Stroke Information’s work here.