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“Podcasts seemed like such a natural medium for our organisation to move into- we have such talent and so many fantastic and triumphant stories to share. We’re grateful for all the support and guidance we’ve received from Charitable PR & Podcasts. Podcasts will certainly be a big part of our future communications plans”

Abbie Wells, PR and Fundraising Manager at The Matt Hampson Foundation

The Story

The Matt Hampson Foundation inspires and supports young people seriously injured through sport. It’s founder Matt ‘Hambo’ Hampson OBE is a celebrated former England rugby player who became paralysed from the neck down during training. Hampson describes himself as “the biggest beneficiary of the charity’s work”, as he gets to experience first-hand people rebuilding their lives after injury and getting busy living again. The Get Busy Living Centre in Leicestershire offers expert physiotherapy and specialised personal training from its state-of-the-art gym as well as offering a community of support from others on the same journey along with nutrition and health advice.

The Approach

The Matt Hampson Foundation’s fantastic mission has touched many people, both as beneficiaries and ambassadors. The authenticity and hope that pours from these stories were perfect for the podcast format, which was something that the organisation was interested in exploring. For the first episode it made sense to give an overview of the amazing work that the Foundation does, whilst also sharing how the organisation had touched the lives of the participants.

Jim Hamilton a former rugby player and host of The Rugby Pod was the lead the conversation. Hamilton is a passionate advocate of the Foundation’s work, giving him a personal connection and understanding of the issues that would be covered in the episode. Guests would include Sophie Wilson, a Paralympic rower-in-training, and Matt Hampson Foundation beneficiary, James Phelps, Harry Potter actor and Foundation ambassador and Matt Hampson himself.

The recording brought together the guests and hosts, joining remotely from different parts of the country. The content focused on what the Get Busy Living Centre meant to its beneficiaries, and why the ambassadors were so passionate to lend their time and voices to the organisation’s mission.

The Get Busy Living Podcast will be available to listen to soon.

Learn more about Matt Hampson Foundation’s work here.