Charitable PR & Podcasts


“It’s been fantastic to try out podcasting as a medium of putting our message of peace and the practice of peace building across. We thank Charitable PR & Podcasts for their support in the creation of our podcast.”

Anna Lubelska, Founder at The Peace Building

The Story

The Peace Building exists to inspire and equip people of all ages to act peacefully in all aspects of their lives; from the individual level (fostering inner peace) and relationships with others from the streets to wider communities. The organisation has a virtual Peace Building, a resource where interested visitors can access resources and exhibitions about peace and building peace.

The Approach

Charitable PR & Podcasts assisted in helping with the planning, strategy and editing of the recorded episode. The Peace Building recorded the episode themselves and delivered it to us for editing. As this was the podcast’s first episode, it was designed that the episode should cover some broad themes of peace and would feature an interview with a prominent thinker with experience in the area. It was decided that Anna Lubelska the Founder of The Peace Building would host and facilitate the conversation with the interviewee. It was decided and arranged that Anna would speak to Reverend Malaika an interfaith minister from Manchester. After the interview was recorded by The Peace Building, the recording was taken by us to be edited down and for music to be added. The topics that were covered in the interview included the Manchester bombings, as well as Malaika’s work around racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. When the edit was completed and music was added, the podcast was delivered back to the client ready to be distributed across the various podcast platforms.