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“We were unsure of where to start, but we’ve known for a while that we’ve wanted to try podcasting in our organisation. Having Charitable PR & Podcasts guide us through something that we’d never attempted before was incredibly helpful.”

Jane Carter, Head of Development at The Wilberforce Trust

The Story

The Wilberforce Trust is the oldest charitable organisation in Yorkshire and helps people with sight and hearing loss as well as other disabilities integrate into wider society. The Trust runs Club Wilber, a program that facilitates activity days for its younger service users involving both parents and siblings to a more inclusive experience.

The Approach

To celebrate the opening of their brand-new Living and Learning Centre, The Wilberforce Trust wanted to engage potential new service users through the podcast medium. During our initial conversations, it was decided that engaging both a member of staff and a high-profile ambassador to talk though what the organisation did with a focus on its key messaging. The podcast would also cover two broad conversation topics: an exploration of what the Wilberforce Trust does and how Club Wilber operate and an interview with a high-profile ambassador which would cover their connection to the aims and values of the organisation.

In this instance, it was decided to have Jane Carter, head of development at the Wilberforce Trust record the introduction and outro sections of the podcast, giving a brief history of the organisations work. This was recorded in a separate session to the main interview which would be used as the body of the podcast. During the session, an easy-to-use snowball microphone was used to capture quality sound. Jane was guided by the producer on the microphone placement and settings, creating the best recording standard possible.

The guests selected for the session were Samantha Scholey-Dyson, the Trust’s operations director, who would give an overview of the project and Will Jubb, a Wilberforce Trust ambassador and rugby player at York City Knights who would talk about his experience of being a sports person with a visual impairment. The recording went smoothly, with Samantha and Will covering a wide range of topics with the sessions host Andy Boast.

Both Janes intro and outro sections were taken away and slotted into the main section of the podcast. The audio was then cleaned, edited, and mixed, ready to return to The Wilberforce Trust for approval.

The Wilberforce Trust’s first podcast episode is available to listen to here.

Learn more about The Wilberforce Trust’s work here.