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“We’d previously explored the podcast medium, but it was really great to get a fresh and skilled perspective on how to create a successful podcast episode. We are really pleased to have worked with Charitable PR & Podcasts and can’t wait to see where our new podcast takes us”

-Georgia Horne, Communications Manager at Walking With The Wounded

The Story

Walking With The Wounded is a fantastic UK-based organisation that supports service men and women to gain skills, employment and to reintegrate into society after their service is completed. We were thrilled to partner with them by creating a podcast that supported these aims.

Through our initial conversations, we discussed centring the podcast around the ‘Walk of Oman’ expedition, the charity’s 6th international expedition. The event sees a team of six serving and former armed forces personnel trek 400km through the Omani desert to raise awareness of Walking With The Wounded and the community it serves.

The Process

To kick off the process we conducted initial planning meetings with Walking With The Wounded. Collectively, we decided that the best way to flesh out the podcast idea was through the people taking part in the expedition. Their stories sat right at the heart of why the journey was so important and it made sense to frame the podcast around them. From there, we discussed the structure of two interviewees and one host as a perfect way to explore this topic.

We then consulted on the line of questioning and how to align this with the ultimate aim of showcasing the expedition. We suggested creating a list of well-researched questions which could be used as conversation starters in the podcast recording session. From there, we crafted a helpful planning document that framed how long each section of the podcast would take, and what would be included. This helped to guide the line of questioning and help develop what would be spoken about throughout the podcast.

From there we arranged an hour slot to record the podcast content, which included time to fix technical issues and record extra scripting if needed. The recording session was a success. Each participant did a fantastic job of telling their stories with honesty and integrity and had a great, natural chemistry. This kind of personal approach is so vital when connecting with a listener, and the guests and hosts really achieved that connection during our recording session.

The raw audio was then taken away and edited, mixed and mastered by our team, to achieve the best audio quality and a cohesive narrative throughout. Music was then selected in accordance with the podcast’s mood and tone and added to create an intro and outro section.

Once the first edit was complete, we sent the recording back to the Walking With The Wounded Team to make sure they were happy with the work we had produced for them. After a few minor tweaks, the podcast episode was delivered back to the client and approved.

From there we consulted on distribution channels for the podcast and aided in setting up the episode on all the major podcast platforms.

Listen to the second episode of the Overcoming: A Walking With The Wounded Podcast below and find out more about Walking With The Wounded by clicking here.